Despite Latest Rumors, 2010 Nissan Maxima Diesel Likely To Be Automatic-only

Recent rumors suggest that the 2010 Nissan Maxima diesel will be sold exclusively with manual transmissions, citing a problem that people won't enjoy the turbo lag and as such, manual lovers able to better modulate the throttle will be the only ones able to buy the car. We thought that claim sounded suspicious and timing has worked out well with this rumor.

Motive is currently attending a drive event for the all-new Maxima (gas engine, of course) and our trip started with a elevator run-in with one of the Maxima's U.S. engineers. According to him, the Maxima diesel should come only in automatic form, although a manual option might still be in consideration. What a funny turn of events. And sorry to all the enthusiasts who might have put money down on a Maxima diesel this week. But don't worry, we're sure it'll still be fun. Stay tuned for our first drive story with the 290-hp gas-powered version coming next week.