GM To Introduce Direct Injection V-8 in Camaro?

According to Wards via multiple Camaro forums, General Motors is running test mules of a new, fifth-generation small block V-8 featuring direct injection. The engine will be the industry's only OHV V-8 with direct injection, and is based off the 6.2-liter unit currently powering the Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon Denali, and '08 Corvette. The addition of direct injection would bring about ten percent more low-end torque, along with a small increase in fuel economy. Considering that the current 'Vette already achieves high twenties on the highway, this could mean a 30 mpg rating for the next model, which should, by the way, produce around 450 horsepower. Read more here here or in our forums.