Loder 1899 Turns Jaguar XF Feral

source: Loder 1899

Read the title. You knew we couldn't resist the feline reference, and neither could Loder 1899... even working in curried spin to honor Jag's new Tata ownership. The Loder PR folks worked in a Siamese reference and, more importantly, their engineers have worked a performance spin on the latest sedan from Jag. Upgrades include body kit, lower suspension, larger wheels and a 40hp bump.


PRESS RELEASE: Bavarian Siam-kitten premieres at the Tuning World Bodensee 2008

Loder1899 makes the Jaguar XF purr

Odelzhausen/Munich - The Indian Siam cat is a beautiful and graceful cat that attracts attention by means of her typical, loud voice. Her elegant body language renders her walk smooth and lofty. Sometimes the Siam cat is described as being arrogant and inapproachable. If this is really the case, is in the eye of the beholder. Actually she is the very opposite - a playful kitten that only wants to be entertained.

More elegance and horsepower for the Bavarian kitten

The Jaguar XF has a very vivacious temperament as well und thus has received the ideal toys from Loder1899. The body styling kit, consisting of an elegant front spoiler, an extravagant rear spoiler and a fancy rear apron spoiler, provides the Jaguar with the grace and aerodynamic body line of an athletic race cat. Thanks to the Loder1899 lowering kit (-35mm), the noble limousine appears optically smarter and faster. The sporty motor management enables a performance increase from 207 to 249 hp. Hence, the Jaguar is able to shake off other fast cats easily. Loder1899 equips the Jaguar with classical, selected wheel/tire combinations, which are the cat's perfect paw-wear.


Technical Data: 2,7 TDV6, displacement 2720 cm3, performance increase with "Loder1899" motor management accessory device up to kW/249 hp at 2000/min (standard 152 kW/207 hp at 2000/min.), maximum torque 435 Nm at 4000/min, (with "Loder1899" 522 Nm at 3850/min), rear wheel drive, automatic six speed gearbox, length/breadth/height 4961/1877/2053 mm, fuel tank 69,5 l, car boot volume 385 l, towed weight, braked 1.850 kg; towed weight, unbraked 750 kg, top speed 229 kmph, 0-100 kmph in 8,2 seconds standard; (in 7,6 seconds with "Loder1899"), consumption (EU-Mix) combined 7,5 l/100 km, CO2 199 g/km, Price: starts at 49.370 Euro.

"Loder 1899" always delivers body styling kits with EG type approval (ABE), assembly instructions and the essential fastening means. Wheel/tire combinations with parts-expertise or ABE, mounted, balanced and nitrogen filled.